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Our Mission and vision

Our Vision Is For All Dane County Residents To Have An Optimal Health and Well-Being.

Our Mission Is To Eliminate Gaps And Barriers To Optimal Health And Reduce Disparities In Health Outcomes.

Our #1 Priority Is Maternal And Child Health. 

  • African American Babies Are 3x More Likely To Die In First Year, 2x More LBW 

  • WI Has The Worst Disparity In The Country

  • Goal: Eliminate Disparities In Low Birthweight Births Between African American and White Women In Dane County 

  • Dane County Health Council Adopted This Shared Goal


  • More Than 20 years of Effective Collaboration

  • Established Primary Access For Kids Where School Nurses Connect Children Without Health Insurance To A Primary Care Provider.

    • More Than 700 Kids Connected To Primary Care

  • Support Behavioral Health In School And Connected Youth To Counselors While Ensuring Communication With Primary Care Provider

    • More Than 1000 Sessions Held For Students In Four Pilot Schools

  • In 2017 Shifted Focus To Community Health Needs Assessment Priorities

Mark Huth at DCHC-FFBWW Press Conference
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